Perugia (Italy), may 6 – 11, 2020


Download and fill out the following Affidavit of Residence (pursuant to art. 46 D.P.R. December 28th 2000 n. 445) which you must then attach signed, together with the CV, at the end of the subscription as participant to the XLII Congress.


It is advisable to rename the Affidavit of Residence file by adding your name and surname, such as:  namesurname_affidavit of residence.

It is advisable to rename the Curriculum Vitae file by adding your name and surname, such as:  namesurname_ cv.


Once the form has been sent, an e-mail will be delivered confirming the registration to the address you indicated in the form.

In case you do not see the e-mail in the inbox, we recommend checking for spam.


If you do not find the e-mail even in spam we ask you to refill the form at a later time.

If even on the second attempt you do not find your confirmation e-mail, you can write to, we will verify your registration.



Affidavit of Residence



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