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The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus


The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus, founded in 1977 in Perugia, is an association grouping both scholars and lovers of Americanist studies, i.e. a broad multidisciplinary domains which, from several scientific fields (anthropological, archaeological, historical, artistic, political, etc.), deals with all cultures spread in the Americas, without limits of space and time – from Bering’s strait to the Land of Fire, from the first human traces and settlements to contemporary societies.

Activities of C.S.A. “Circolo Amerindiano” expand along two lines: academic study and popularization. Indeed, we think it is important to improve scientific studies of American cultures; but we also think necessary to let the outcomes of such studies contribute to intercultural education while supporting, albeit slightly, the struggles native peoples of the Americas still fight to survive.


We are therefore interested in further expanding our activities involving more people and through the establishment – whenever and wherever possible – of new offices and working groups.

Membership to the “Circolo Amerindiano” grants the right to receive free all the informations about the activities of the association, togheter with the publications edited by the Centro Studi from the year of application on.


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On November 11th 2005 a new office was inaugurated in Salerno.

The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” office in Salerno is opened only on appointment: 


On November 2007 some new volunteers created a research group in Padova.

The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” office in Padova is available at: