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The Congress, organized by Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus, will be held in Perugia (Italy), from the 7th until the 13th of May 2019.

The organization reserves the right to extend the dates of the Congress for one or more days ahead of the

published ones, and to appoint other places for it to be held besides Perugia.

The following side activities will also be held:

Salerno, 15th-17th of May 2019: Days of Hispanic-American literature

Padua, 13th of May 2019: Seminary America indigena e stati nazionali: temi e problemi;

Rome, 14th of May 2019: Round Table Nuove prospettive sullo sciamanesimo nelle Americhe;

The official languages of the Congress are: French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and all Native American Languages.



The Congress will be organized in thematic sessions with specific topics and a non-thematic session.
In addition to the already confirmed sessions it is possible to propose new ones.
The proposals shall be submitted for examination at the Scientific Committee of the Congress; the acceptance will also depend on the availability of the posts.

Coordinators who have presented sessions in the previous edition may repeat the same session at that conference. It is also possible to propose new sessions, which will be examined by the Scientific Committee of the Conference. Acceptance of all sessions – whether current or new – will be subject to the advice of the Directing Council.

In order to propose a new session it is necessary to be member of the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano”, be up-to-date with both the payment of the membership fee of 2018 and 2019 and should be sent before November, 15th  2018 via email to convegno@amerindiano.org:
– an abstract of the theme of the session (between 800 and 1200 characters including spaces);
– a complete curriculum of the coordinator/s;
– two letters of presentation of the coordinator/s written by internationally known Americanists or by a member of the XL Congress Scientific Committee.

Each scheduled session will include a number of 3 to 6 papers.
Papers must be unpublished and not previously presented in other conventions. Participants are required to personally present their works.
Each speaker can present only one paper.
The maximum time allowed for each paper is of 20 minutes, unless told otherwise by the organization.
All the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals are held by the participants.


The attendance to the Congress is free. However, registration is required in order to present a paper, to receive the certificate of attendance and the Proceedings.
The deadline for registration to the Congress as speakers is January 31th, 2019.

In order to participate as a speaker to the Congress, applicants must fill the registration form which they will find in this site from December 1rst, 2017 together with the list of the proposed sessions. The form will be valid only if it is complete of all the required data, with an abstract of minimum 400 and maximum 800 characters (including spaces) and a curriculum vitae as attachments. The form will be sent at the same time to the coordinator of the session where the paper will be presented and to the organizational staff of the Congress. If the coordinator thinks necessary he/she can ask for further documentation.

The registration to the Congress is not automatic, but subjected to the coordinator’s acceptance. From February 1sth to 8th, 2017 the coordinator will have to communicate whoever has sent a paper proposal if it was accepted or not.
When accepted the speaker must proceed to the payment of the registration fee within 7 days since the acceptance in order to be inserted in the program. After the payment is done, please, communicate to the organizational staff of the Congress (convegno@amerindiano.org) the deposit information.

In case of impossibility to participate to the congress, 50% of registration fee will be reimbursed to those who will communicate the Congress Secretariat by March 1st, 2018. After that date, the fee will not be refunded.

By March 10th, 2019 participants will receive the draft of the program.

The registration fee for speakers is of EUR 150.00.
In case of a work presented by two or more co-authors, the first author of the intervention pays the full fee.
The other authors may choose between two options to enroll:
– co-author who participates personally in the Congress and social events. He/She pays the fee of  90.00 EUR
– co-author who doesn’t participate personally in the Congress. He/She pays a fee of 45.00 EUR.
In both cases the co-authors are requested to complete the registration form.

Speakers who were members of the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus for the years 2018 and 2019– up-to- date with the payment of the membership fee – will have a 50% discount.

The scholars, associates of the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” onlus, can propose works of their students. If the coordinator of the session in which the work is presented accepts the proposal, the student will be able to sign up for the conference by paying only 50% of the fee.

Participants to the Organizational Secretariat are exempted from paying the membership fee as speaker.
To participate in the Organizational Secretariat you must apply for the Coordination of the Conference (convegno@amerindiano.org) and guarantee the presence throughout the Conference. Acceptance of the application will be subject to acceptance of the Organizing Secretariat Coordination.

The registration fee to the Congress for non-speakers is EUR 20.00 in order to receive the certificate of attendance.

The membership fee for the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus for 2019 is EUR 70.00 (http://www.amerindiano.org/?page_id=1772).

Registration fees should be paid, by direct deposit, to the account entitled to Centro Studi Americanistici Circolo Amerindiano, UniCredit, Perugia Cacciatori delle Alpi Agency:

International coordinates (IBAN):

IT 42 A 02008 03033 000029489801
Address: Via Mario Angeloni, 76  cap. 06126 – Perugia

As an alternative, only those who do not live in Italy can pay by Paypal.

XLI Convegno Internazionale Americanistica – Perugia

ATTENTION:  in case of bank payment any charges should be integrated upon arrival registration in Perugia.


To receive information regarding the Days of Hispanic-American Literature (Salerno, 15th-17th of May 2019) please contact Prof. Rosa Maria Grillo (grillovov@tiscali.it)

To receive information about the Seminar of Padua and Round Table of Rome please contact the organizational staff of the Congress (convegno@amerindiano.org).


The work personally presented during the Congress can be published on paper version corresponding exactly to what was presented during the Congress, on Thule, rivista italiana di studi americanistici, after the approval of the text by the session’s coordinator and by two external referees

Penalty of exclusion, papers submitted for publication will have to fulfill the typographical guidelines of Thule which will be provided by email from the Editorial Staff and they should be sent to the session’s coordinators no later than June 30th, 2019.

We remind you that Thule provides the double-blind referees.

The article’s title should be the same as it was published in the program and in the same language.

The written text can present small changes to the presented  abstract, that will not change the presented work’s substance, and these have to be authorized by the coordinator.

The lecture must be totally inedited before its publication in Thule yet, after the previously mentioned date, it can be published also elsewhere, citing the volume of Thule that will contain it and the Congress where it was presented.

The written text can present small changes that will not change the presented work’s substance, and these have to be authorized by the coordinator.

The lectures failing to do so will be excluded of their publication.

The Thule’s volume will be available to read online in a specific area on webpage www.amerindiano.or