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In order to be enrolled as members of the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus, is necessary to:
– fill in the form and send it back signed (by fax, mail or scanned by e-mail at
– pay the annual subscription fee 70.00 EUR by direct deposit to the account entitled to Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano”, UniCredit, Perugia Cacciatori delle Alpi Agency:

International coordinates (IBAN):
T 42 A 02008 03033 000029489801
Bank address: Via Mario Angeloni 76 – 06124 Perugia

As an alternative, only those who do not live in Italy can pay by Paypal.

Registration fee for 2018 is 70,00 €.

This registration represent a valid and concrete contribution to the Study Center, in order to carry on and improve its activities; furthermore, it allows members:

  • A free access to a member-only area by user name and password provided by the Study Center on the web page, where you can see various online publications for members;
  • to publish articles or short notes written in the members-only area-
  • to get enrolled automatically as non-panelis at the XL International Americanistic Studies Congress (Perugia, 3th-8th of May, 2018).
  • to avail a discount of 50% for registration as a panelist to the XL International Americanistic Studies Congress (2018).   For the discount you need to be registered also at the year 2017 and paid the fee;
  • to have discounts on books published by other members of the Centro Studi Americanistici;
  • to propose an own text for the publication on “ Collana di Studi Americanistici “  (with the approval of the Editorial Committee and referees appointed for the purpose);
  • to present himself as a researcher member of the Study Center ( with the approval of the Executive Council) in scientific and academic events.
  • to purchase the entire corpus of books published by the “ Circolo Amerindiano ” with 50% discount on the already discounted price for non-members.
  • to borrow the books of our Library and some material of our Audio-visual Documentation Centre “Daniele Fava”.
  • to have discounts on books published by other members of the Study Center .
  • to participate in the scientific and associative life of the Study Center with full membership status and to be able to have the relevant certification.
Registration for 2018


For further informations about the Association please contact:

Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” Onlus
Via Guardabassi n. 10 – 06123 Perugia, Italy
Tel./fax + 39 075 5720716
Facebook: Circolo Amerindiano