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The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” invites you to the inauguration of the CEntro DOcumentazione RIcerca “Circolo Amerindiano” (Ce.Do.Ri.C.A.) the 19th November 2004 at 18.00 hrs. in Via Guardabassi n.10, Perugia.


The Ce.Do.Ri.C.A. was created by the mutual concordance between the Comune di Perugia, the Provincia di Perugia, the Regione dell’Umbria, the Dipartimento Uomo & Territorio of the University of Perugia, the Fondazione Angelo Celli per una cultura della salute, the Sovrintendenza Archeologica per l’Umbria, the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” and with the collaboration of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia.

This project is intended for the protection, valorisation and for letting to the complete public disposition of all the patrimony that the Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” has put together in 30 years of activity. We intend as patrimony:

– the documentary material on the American Continent: Museum (650 ethnographical objects, museum reproductions and scale models), Library (more than 8 000 volumes, pamphlets and other documents), and the Audio and Video Documentation Centre (tens of thousands of photographs, slides, audio and video cassettes and DVDs);
– the activities: an International Congress of Americanists (30 editions), the publications (the review Thule, the Quaderni di Thule and monographic editions), the research projects (in first place Ruta de la Obsidiana, an interdisciplinary international project), the international cooperation, the expositions, the didactic activities, the language and culture courses, etc.;
– the expertise that has been growing in our Centro Studi as for scientific capacities and for the offering of cultural services.

With the opening of the Ce.Do.Ri.C.A there will not only be an improvement of the quality of our Centro Studi but also of the americanist studies which will have a new instrument, a new focus for the museum and documentary activities, for the congresses, for the research, for the editorial activities, for the cooperation and for formation and information.

The Centro Studi Americanistici “Circolo Amerindiano” head office in Perugia will have the following working hours:
– from Monday to Friday 10 am to 1 pm
– Monday and Wednesday 6 pm to 9 pm

Via Guardabassi n. 10 – 06123 Perugia, Italia
Tel./fax + 39 075 5720716